Polymerization Preparation


I'm Kale and I've been stuck here since July 2020. I think I'm decent at the game, or at least decent enough to yammer on the internet about it.


Ingame ID card

Proviso: Lv80, Module Lv3. M6 with skill 2 equipped
Lee: Lv70, Module X Lv3. M6 (S2 and S3) with skill 3 equipped
Gnosis: Lv90, Pot6, Module X Lv3. M9 with skill 2 equipped.

You'll probably have to poke me if you found me through here and want to add me as a friend because my list is almost always full!

Favorite characters

Gnosis Proviso Silence Lee Saga Asbestos Mlynar Thorns Ebenholz Ashlock

... and more but then we'd be here all day.