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Upcoming content speculation

Stultifera Navis

New operators

Specter the Unchained seems pretty fun and interesting, and I was pleased to see they riffed off of OG Specter's kit instead of attempting to replace it. Skill 2, like regular Specter skill 2, prevents her from dying for the duration. I think OG Specter still has the immortality niche cornered because her skill can be used almost immediately, and she has block 3. Skill 3 gives her a large DPS increase and lets her attack multiple enemies, but she starts losing HP once the enemy drops lower than she does. I'm interested to see how it works in practice. I'm not sure to what extent (if any) I'm going to pull for her because there are a few future characters who I want more.

I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about Irene because she seems like an attempt to replace Ch'en as a braindead erase button. I do think the levitate status is interesting, and I really hope it gets used in another way that allows snipers to take advantage of it. As it is right now, Irene does too much damage to levitated enemies for snipers to really do anything about it.

Windflit is adorable and I think it's unacceptable that his kit is as underwhelming as it is. I don't see any reason why his buffs had to be so inconsequential, and it looks even worse next to Roberta, who can make allies virtually invincible.

Weirdly (or maybe predictably), I'm most excited about Lumen.

New skins

I do not care for the Skadi skin at all. However, I love the stupid Gnosis vampire cosplay, and I'm pleased to see Aurora getting somewhat more work-appropriate clothes.

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