Archetype Sniper (Anti-Air/Marksman)
Rarity 5 stars
Tags Camouflage Redeploy time down E2 talent

General overview

April is designed to be used as a helidrop. Her camouflage from skill 2 grants her a lot of positioning flexibility, and her redeployment time gets a chunk shaved off by her talent. Since her kit is so unique and versatile, just about anyone will get good use out of her. However, this means that she's a very poor replacement for a core sniper, so she should be an accessory investment and not part of your primary teambuilding.

E2? Not mandatory, but if you intend on using her a lot she really benefits from further development. She gets a shorter redeployment cooldown, becomes cheaper, and gets a lot out of masteries.

Game modes

April is a very good midgame utility pick in IS, once you have all your core DPS situated. Her fast-redeploy niche makes her well-suited for the various surprises that get thrown at you, and her invisibility means you don't have to think too hard about where you're putting her. In IS2, she's an excellent dancer assassin and boss chip damage dealer. In the first boss battle, she can gradually pick off all the dancers on her own if you manage to buff her enough.

Kit breakdown


Talent - Experienced Hunter

E1 Redeployment time -15 seconds

E2 Redeployment time -20 seconds, DP cost -1

Without any potentials, her redeploy time will be 55 seconds at E1 and 50 seconds at E2. At max potential, her redeploy time will be 45 seconds at E1 and 40 seconds at E2. The DP cost reduction at E2 is a nice bonus as well.


Skill 1 - Precise Shooting

Charge type On attack
Activation Auto
Duration N/A seconds
SP cost Initial SP
Level 7 4 0
Mastery 3 3 0

Skill effect: Increases the ATK of the next attack to 200%/230%

Overview: A generic skill that you're not going to use.

Skill 2 - Flexible Camouflage

Charge type Passive
Activation Passive
Duration 20 /26 seconds
SP cost Initial SP
Level 7 0 0
Mastery 3 0 0

Skill effect: After deployment, ATK +70%/100% and gain camouflage

Overview: This skill is central to April's kit. She's particularly good at handling enemies who would otherwise immediately kill your fast-redeploys like casters (especially if there are multiple of them in the area). It's also an excellent option for sniping bomb drones. On top of that, it can be used for catching leaks or emergency burst DPS because you can put her down without thinking about aggro. The duration is long enough that she can usually take out a decent number of enemies before you need to retreat her.

M3? M3 is a luxury investment for sure, but it improves her effectiveness dramatically; her attack is doubled at M3, and the extra 6 seconds of duration go very far.


Module - Hi-Fi Headset

Stat Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
HP 100 160 190
ATK 23 28 32

Level 1: ASPD +8 when there is a ground enemy in range

Level 2: Talent upgrade: Redeployment time -25 seconds, DP cost -2

Level 3: Talent upgrade: Redeployment time -28 seconds, DP cost -2

Overview: April's module compliments her kit extremely well, and I think it's worth the expense if you like to use her. The extra ASPD helps her kill stuff faster, and the upgrades shorten her cooldown by even more. Level 2 is definitely worth it (-5 seconds redeploy and further reduced DP cost). Level 3 is discretionary because the gains aren't as large, but 3 seconds is still nothing to sneeze at.