Archetype Guard (AOE/Centurion)
Rarity 5 stars
Tags Slow Multi-target attacks Arts on skill

General overview

As of this writing, Broca is the only AOE guard who can do Arts damage, and it is an incredibly powerful niche. As a result, his skills have some strings attached, and he lacks the damage mitigation toolkit that some of his other archetype members have. Even then, his strength outweighs the costs several times over, and he's a great option for quickly clearing out tough mobs. (Also, he's a housecat with a giant power drill.)

E2? You should E2 him if you use him. Masteries treat him well, and being able to block 3 increases his usage opportunities.

Kit breakdown


Talent - Drill Strengthening

E1 ATK and DEF +6% (+2%) when blocking at least 2 enemies

E2 ATK and DEF +12% (+2%) when blocking at least 2 enemies

These buffs are nice to have and nearly effortless to take advantage of.


Skill 1 - Galvanize

Charge type Per second
Activation Manual
Duration 27 /30 seconds
SP cost Initial SP
Level 7 50 10
Mastery 3 50 20

Skill effect: ATK +50%/80%; attacks deal Arts damage

Overview: Skill 1 is a pretty strong AOE Arts damage option, and it lacks the stun that comes with skill 2, which makes it a safer option for laneholding. This comes at the price of mediocre uptime, so it needs to be timed carefully.

Skill 2 - High-Voltage Current

Charge type Per second
Activation Manual
Duration 25 seconds
SP cost Initial SP
Level 7 39 16
Mastery 3 35 20

Skill effect: Attack interval increases, attack range increases, ATK +140%/190%; attacks deal arts damage and slow the targets for 0.9/1 seconds. This unit is stunned for 6 seconds after the skill ends.

Skill range:

Overview: This skill offers one of the most potent melee Arts DPS sources in the game, and it comes with a decent slow, range extension, and pretty good uptime. And he's hitting multiple enemies at once! All this comes at the price of a stun, so potential leaks after he's done electrocuting everything need to be accounted for. Alternatively, you don't need to worry about the stun if you put him behind another blocker, but he wouldn't be able to do anything off-skill, nor would his talent bonus apply. Still, the uptime is so good you might be able to justify it.

M3? Yes. His attack is nearly tripled at M3, and there's a small improvement to the cycling time.