Archetype Specialist (Puller)
Rarity 5 stars
Tags Stun True damage Multi-target attacks Arts on skill Free

General overview

While all players get Cliffheart for free at the beginning of the game, she's not a very good early game investment for players who just need a basic puller. (Rope is cheaper and pulls just as well.) She sets herself apart in situations where she's being used to more interesting ends, with crowd control and Arts and True Damage. If you're willing to take advantage of her strengths, she's a great investment for both old and new players.

E2? She doesn't need it, but for advanced players, masteries increase her shift strength and give her some other benefits.

Kit breakdown


Talent - Karlan Hunter

E1 ATK and DEF +6% (+2%) when not blocking

E2 ATK and DEF +12% (+2%) when not blocking

Pullers usually aren't used to block, so her talent will be active more often than not.


Skill 1 - Chain Hook

Charge type Per second
Activation Auto
Duration N/A seconds
SP cost Initial SP
Level 7 5 0
Mastery 3 4 0

Skill effect: Drags the target moderately/significantly in the next attack, dealing 135%/180% Arts damage

Note: The force level of the pull is 1 at level 7 and 2 at M3.

Overview: The usual auto-pull skill, although the Arts damage makes her unique in the archetype.

Skill 2 - Binding Chains

Charge type Per second
Activation Manual
Duration N/A seconds
SP cost Initial SP
Level 7 19 10
Mastery 3 15 10

Skill effect: Immediately drags up to 2/3 targets in a large frontal area towards this unit moderately/significantly, dealing 170%/200% True Damage and stun for 1.5/3 seconds

Note: The force level of the pull is 1 at level 7 and 2 at M3.

Skill range:

Overview: This skill is a great multitarget pull, but it's also a pretty spammable source of True Damage and stun. The range is also very wide, allowing you a lot of flexibility with where you put her. I personally find the stun to be the most useful aspect of this skill, and it's served me well in some CC clears. There's a lot of cool stuff you can do if you can think outside the box.

M3? The extra target is gained at M1, so if you only want the extra target, it's not too expensive to get. Advanced players may appreciate M3 because it increases shift strength and doubles the stun time.


Module - Reach the Top

Stat Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
ATK 25 33 40
DEF 22 27 31

Level 1: When dragged, enemies take Arts damage proportional to the distance travelled (800 per tile).

Level 2: ATK and DEF +16% when not blocking

Level 3: ATK and DEF +20% when not blocking

Overview: Pretty hard to justify for most players. The extra Arts damage is only helpful if you use her to pull enemies places other than holes. The extra buffs from the upgrades are nice, but probably not worth the price for most players.